Ballad of Stephen Korn


My name is Stephen Korn

That’s been my name since I was born

These are the numbers I have worn


Don’t ever ask me where I’ve been

My story’s written on the wind

I hold my breath to keep it in

My body aches and is trembling


Don’t ever ask me what I feel

My heart is a prison made of steel

I faced the devil we made a deal

Ten thousand years could never heal


I’ve come a long way from Kielce

On a road bound for sorrow

By the time I got to Paris I was worn down to the marrow

But those city lights and me we shined bright and free

Seems this old world ain’t had enough of me


Don’t ever ask me what I’ve done

Bury the past with the setting sun

My mind wanders the memories come

My throat tightens my eyes begin to run