Peter Hamilton, Burke Carroll, Harlan Wells, John Smith, Jillian Mendez, Russell Gray, Eric Morino.


"Reminiscent of the great Canadian singer/songwriters like Ian Tyson and Gordon Lightfoot"

             Billboard Magazine.


"He's good, he's very good."

             Gordon Lightfoot


  "In twenty years, I turned down a lot of artists seeking management, including Ron Sexsmith and Alison Krauss;  I wasn't about to let Harlan Wells slip by me."

              Barry Harvey (Gordon Lightfoot) 


  “Harlan has strong songs written from the heart, played by a stellar band recorded live off the floor... in the spirit of the great bands that have influenced his music...”

            Jeremy Darby (Owner of Canterbury Studio, Toronto)


“The most talented unknown singer/songwriter I know”

            Barry Lubotta (Owner of Phase One Studios, Toronto)


"Harlan Wells, a Troubadour in the classic sense."

             Lenny Stoute, CASHBOX Magazine.


 "This is the sort of album that kind of grabs you by the hand and says “come on in”.  Waiting For June will certainly find favor with Blue Rodeo fans and those in general that like countrified music with a bluesy edge.  Billboard Magazine praises him as being “very reminiscent of great Canadian singer/ songwriters like IanTyson and Gordon Lightfoot”, and that tells you everything you need to know."

             John Kereiff, record review, February, 2016.


"Harlan Wells may well have hit a home run with Every Time it Rains."

            David Farrell. FYI Music News, Dec. 2015. 


Harlan has been compared to such great Canadian artists as Gordon Lightfoot, and once I heard the album, I can’t say I disagree."

             Jenna Melanson, Canadian Beats, record review. Nov. 2015.


"It has been a very long time since I’ve had a Canadian musician in this genre land me on my ass the way that Harlan Wells has. “Waiting for June” is simply delicious, a huge treat for the ears, heart and soul with its cross-genre sampling of country, folk, rock, roots and yes, the blues! This is what Canada is all about." 

             Naomi De Bruyn, Northern Reflections review: Dec. 25, 2015.

At the end of the day, you have to be true to yourself and believe in what you do. To tell you the truth, I write these songs for myself. My music has always been my catharsis; it’s what has kept this world from driving me stark raving mad.