Eva's Place 


W.S. McCaffey locked their doors for the night

The dust upon their hinges has settled for half my life

But I still hear the whistle and I still sometimes wait

For my father to walk through the factory gates


My father died before his time when I was still a boy

They sent me down to the devil's house where I became his toy

There are crimes done to children no time can erase

The streets foster orphans the city won't face


But there's Anne McGee and she's good to me

And the boys from number nine

When we all get together we have us a time


We're going down to Eva's Place tonight

Gonna ride the free train downtown beneath the city's light

We're going down to Eva's Place tonight

Curse the morning and the day

She helps us find a way through the night


When the winter comes we're no longer bums

And the Christians all unite

To save their souls they fill our bowls

And let us bed down for the night


In each set of eyes there's a song that hides

A story to be told

Though each walks the shadows

And dies in the cold


Copyright 1998 SJP Music