Every Time It Rains


You could say we’ve come a long way

From our old college days, you could say we’ve changed

I still see you just the same


Looking back on where we came

I smile when I hear your name and it all returns

Like it was only yesterday


Time changes everything, we all know the song

so we put the past behind us and just keep moving on


Every time it rains, every time it rains

Every time it rains, every time it rains

Though I know that I shouldn’t care

I won’t deny there was something there

‘cause I can feel it every time it rains


Who’s to say where we went wrong

I still wonder when I hear our song Harvest Moon

making out in the afternoon


The years they come, the years they go

Where they’ve gone well I don’t know

It ain’t for you and me, it’s just a mystery