Miss Edgar’s Muddy Water Tavern                                                         


Well there’s a home for wayward girls

And I’m leaving today

South of Cookstown, west off the north highway

Miss Edgar’s daughters, the Muddy Water

Gonna take all my blues away


Gonna take that steam train from Tottenham

Gonna ride down that country mile

There was a girl I knew from Tottenham

Lord how I loved to watch her smile


And though those days are gone

I still think of her, what’s become of her

From my memory

And as that train pulls in to Beeton

I look around as if she’s still waiting there for me


Another town moving sound to make some pay

Until I heard the ghosts of the tavern call

They said, if you can’t write a song about this place

You shouldn’t be writing songs at all.


And as the sun set down it came over me

Some kind of reverie of my return

And as the band tore down I looked around

She said she would be waiting there for me