So Much Left Undone  


When we were young we'd rise with the sun

So much to do but we had time we had just begun

When we were young we'd laugh at everyone

We were unconquerable, had the world on the run


Hours would fly 'till the street lights would

Shine down like rain on our parade

I said I would try to be back home on time I should run

But we are having fun

And there's so much left undone


When we had grown we moved out on our own

So much to prove not much to lose, what could we have known?

We fell in love and had children of our own

With debts to pay and a modest wage, we made a home


Hours still fly and life passes us by much too soon

As she waits in my room

She calls me to bed and my work leaves my head I should run

But there's a dream to be won

And there's so much left undone